In order to serve you better, we are offering the ability to pay your taxes online.

If you wish to do so, please click the link below:

Click Here to Pay Taxes Online

Instructions for navigating through the Pay Taxes Online Program:

1. Click on Pay Taxes Online

2. Crawford County Property Inquiry

3. Choose whatever option you are trying to view or pay, Real Estate or Personal Property. If you know the account number of the account you are searching you may put it in or you may conduct your search by name. If you choose real estate and search by account number you do not have to put in the dots or dashes but you do have to put in all 15 digits. If you choose personal property and search by account number you have to put in all 7 digits including all zeros. If you are searching by name your best results will be to enter the last name of the person(s) and then the first name if known. NOTE: If you try to search by address please remember mailing address may be different from property location address.

4. If you are searching for more than one year there is a drop- down box under the caption TAX YEAR located in the upper left corner of the Property Information Screen which will take you to each year you are searching.

5. If you need to know what political subdivisions are located in the taxing districts of the person(s) you are searching click on TAXING BODIES on the right side of the Property Information Screen and you can review the entities who are receiving payments from the taxes collected from the person(s). If the County is collecting taxes for a City located within the County that City will be noted in the Taxing Bodies. Currently Crawford County collects taxes for the City of Bourbon, City of Sullivan, and Village of Leasburg.

Please be aware if you make your payment online your payment will not be posted until the next regular business day, so PLEASE plan your needs for a paid personal property tax receipt accordingly in order to purchase your vehicle tags timely. When you pay your taxes online you only receive a paid confirmation receipt from the credit/debit card company.  A paid receipt is only issued by the Collector’s Office once the payment has been posted.  The Credit Card Company will charge a fee of $1.50 for all payments totaling $60.00 or less, and a fee of 2.4% of the total amount due over $60.00.

All the information on this website is provided by the Assessor to the Collector except the total amount of taxes due, the total amount paid, and the date the taxes were paid.  If you have questions or concerns regarding all other information provided on this website, they should be addressed with the Assessor.